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Post from my normal journal, but cool enough to put here. [Feb. 22nd, 2005|01:24 pm]
12:53 pm - Rise and Fall: There is no fight club...
Wow, that is all I can say about this four day weekend.

It started friday night when I went with a friend, I forger her name, one of the little mall rats, to her house with Tristan, Emilia, Ian, and Tiffany. Her parents where out so we where going to have a little get together. So we ended up stealing a bunch of DXM containing products like Zicam and such, then we bought some beer. Of course we also had some weed.
So we get to her place, start smoking weed and start taking our medicine. Tristan's music was really awesome to listen to while tripping. The night goes well and we have fun, but then in the middle of the night I have to get up to take a piss. So I walk out not knowing where I am still tripping the fuck out and stuff, I start pissing on the floor of someone's room, then I realize this so I walk into the bathroom to finish but get confused and just stand there and then I blackout. I wake up like, 30 minutes later my pants are soaked with urine, yeah. I pissed myself, the most embarrassing thing I have ever done while on drugs. But whatever it was kind of funny everyone got a laugh.

We woke up the next morning and had a alcoholic breakfast, that was awesome. Then we headed back to town. Me and Tiffany hanged out most of the day, we ended up tripping some more while walking around until the Dawning that night. We then took some more stuff and where tripping hardcore at the club, some people freaked out thinking that Tiff was slipped something or whatever, but she was just robotripping with me. I had to talk to Jen while tripping, that was hard. I told her I couldn't be friends with her because I loved her to much and to be around her without having her is to painful. I guess she understood. Then me and Tiff left the club because she was having a bad trip. We went to Gabe's for the night where we just hanged out and talked to my mom on the phone and just chilled. Also I think Tiff found herself a girlie friend! =^.^=
The next day we stayed pretty much sober and just chilled out.
Then Monday we went to Waynesboro at night where I would stay with Josh tell I can figure what to do with stuff. Tiff went home and I stayed at Josh's. I ended going to Walmart with Machile, got some Zicam. Came back started to trip and then I started drinking rum. After a while Josh's room mate came in Loris (I think that is his name) and he got drunk too. We started talking about boxing and stuff, then fight club. We then decided it would be cool to box. So we did. Oh SHIT! So we ended up bloodying up each other all over the place, my nose is all fucked up, both my eyes are black, and my lip is swollen. I look like hell. Yeah, drugs are bad.... It was a fucking insane time!
But anyway, I'm still feeling the effects of the DXM and alcohol today so my head is spinning, not to mention my body hurts. Mainly my face.
But my Mom says she will have a few thousand dollars and a car soon. I'll go to Arizona with her and have a great life. Good luck to me!
Current Mood: bouncy