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Long time no see... [Mar. 1st, 2005|08:29 am]


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Okay, First off the lovely survey...

Drug Use

Created by pokeydex and taken 16 times on bzoink!

You have done drugs right?Yes
Do you use them now?Yes
What was your first drug?Codene/Perc/Weed
How old where you?13
Is someone at your door?No
Did you feel bad first time?No
Get in trouble?No
How much did you do?Pot? A lot...
Did you ever think you would do drugs before you did?Well....We were wanting to do it by then
Are you addicted to any drugs?Yes
Is there a rabbit behind you?No
Ever had withdraws?Yes
Have you ever had flashbacks?Yes
Do you, or have you ever huffed anything?Yes
Ever shot up anything?No
Ever snorted anything?Of Course
You ever steal to buy drugs?That isnt my thing
You ever steal drugs?Once or Twice.... But they owed me
You ever done something immoral to get drugs?What do you consider immoral?
You ever got violent because of drugs?Yes
Do your friends know of your use?Majority of them
Does your family?They know I did drugs...
Do you like to combine drugs?Depends on the drugs combined
Do you use OTC drugs?lol, Caffiene? I love Mountain Dew...lmao
You think you will continue to use drugs for while?Yepp
Have you ever gone to school/work on drugs?Yes:D
Do you find youself thinking about drugs when you are not doing them?Well recently yes
Are you trying to quit drug use?I was ... I dont know anymore
Do you like to do drugs alone or socially?Depends on the drug, but socially
Ever go out to clubs/hangouts and use drugs?Yes
Have you ever sold drugs?Yes
Do you try to get friends to do drugs?No they try to get me to let them do drugs...
Have you ever got a friend to do drugs?She asked for it...
What is you favroite drug socially?OoooOOoooOOoo Pot use to be but Meth
What is you favroite drug while alone?Meth
What is your favroite kind of drug?Meth
Can you make drugs?Yeah, Anyone can....Ever take basic Chemestry?
Do you always find a way to get high?Yes
Ever eat nutmeg to get high?I dont know what that is
What is you favroite kind of drug?You asked this... Or I am going crazy
Speed, trip, get high, or be sedated?OoooOooo.... Speed
Do you mix your drugs?You asked this too?
What is you favroite combo?tweek and oxycodene
Does anyone worry about your drug use?Yes
What type of druggie would you consider yourself?There are types?
Do you always look into a drug before you use it?Majority of the time
Plants or chemicals?Chemicals*...and Plants
Have you ever overdosed?Yes
Can you feel the walls breath?They were moving the other day....but not breathing...
Ever have a bad trip?Yes
Ever been arrested?Yes
Ever been hurt because of being on drugs, but not from the drug?Probably
Any family member have drug problems.Yes
Do you support legalizing drugs?Certain ones
Which drugs?Marijuanna, Speed
What drug do you really want to try?Morning Glory
Any drug you wish you never tried?Meth
Ever tried to kill yourself while on drugs?No....
Are you highly secritive with your use?No, That just makes it noticable
Would you say you like drugs over all?No
You ever been in prison/juvi because of drugs?Waiting on court date
What is the most intresting drug you ever did?Clonazepam
Are drugs easy for you to get?Extremely from east coast to the west and back up to Alaska.
Do you know lady salvia?No
Are you on drugs right now?Yes

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How has everyone been? Long time no talk. Wow things are crazy lately. I got back in school, had a job but quit it and Ive been doing fairly well. Quitting drugs for a while and going back on them made my parents think i quit... So once again I am "drug free" in my families eyes. Been to a lot of places lately that ask for a face with a name, I have come to the conclusion that makes sense so, here ya go.

Anyone have any interesting hallucinations lately? Man... The other night everything was tinted green my walls were all wavy and there were rats everywhere. It was crazy. Acid is not on my list of things to do any time soon, thats for sure... Thats enough for me today, hope to hear from you all soon.
p.S. Sorry guys Im totally spun....