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Drug binge!! [Jun. 25th, 2005|01:37 pm]
Ever sense my last entry things have been insane. It's been party non-stop. I've been hanging with mostly Cassidy and at his friend Lyndsey's house. Lot's of beer and pot. Then we even tripped some dxm together. Last night at this party I took only 14 triple Cs, but this was after staying up straight for two days and eating almost nothing during that time. At the party we smoked some with this dude and I thought that perhaps it was laced with something because when I started to trip it was nothing at all like a DXM trip I have ever had. First of all everyone got these strange neon blue, green, and red outlines around them and they would constantly pulsate. Nothing was static, everything I looked at would constantly swirl with color in and out and change patterns, it was by far some of the most intense and entertaining open eye visuals I have ever had. One of the people at the party was this guy name Charlie who had long black hair, and walked around with no shirt on. I started to hallucinate and think he was a native american warrior complete with war paint and feathers in his hair. When that wasn't the case at all. Man I was trippin'. Now, everyone assured me it wasn't the pot laced with anything, so there are some other possibilities. For one, we had some ether and we did some of that, and that might have had a hand in it. Also, I had tripped the day before and didn't really come down all the way before I started to trip again, and also the lack of sleep for 2 days could have also had a hand in it.
Regardless, I'm pleased by how much of a damn good time I had.


[User Picture]From: renots
2005-06-29 03:39 am (UTC)
man i wanted to trip but i was scared recent problems but yeah see u soon i hope
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